zastica — Currently undergoing maintenance & stuff


Zastica Labs is the web development arm of this little enterprise. The labs produce anything from simple javascript files to group content into columns, to full web applications for foosball league scores, bowling scores, LindyEMS, a chores reward system, or anything that I find interesting. So far there is 2 applications and 1 script in the labs archive.


This or That

This or That is a ELO based image rating application. Similar to by xkcd, this system allows public users to upload images and vote which they think is better. This application is free and open source, and licensed under the MIT license. Download or browse the SVN repository.

Foosball League Point Tracker

This app will track and rank foosball players according to their win/loss record. Lets you keep track of your games and standings. See the application.


Javascript Columns

This script will take an arbitrary area of content, and organize it into a given number of columns. It makes content areas look like they're out of a newspaper. Read the full description.