I’ve recently been discovering the inner workings of the Washington Unemployment system. Not for me–I’ve got a job–but for a friend. To say that the unemployment system is a huge beast of bureaucracy is a polite way to describe it. I’m sure anyone who has dealt with it already knows this.

Not too long ago, my friend’s benefits ran out. The Unemployment Agency is supposed to send out an “Application for Emergency Unemployment Compensation”. It’s supposed to be used after your regular benefits expire, but you still can’t get work and you need an extension so you don’t have to go homeless and starving. You can guess where this is going: they didn’t. Fortunately, my dad used to work at the Tacoma WorkSource office, so he kinda knows how things work. He (through a friend of HIS) was able to get a copy of that form. Which now sits on my hard drive. So, for anyone who might need the “Application for Emergency Unemployment Compensation” in Washington State, you can now download it below.

I hope it helps some of you. This economy is crazy like that.


By the way, thanks, friend of my dad. I’m really glad you could help.