A while back (almost exactly 5 months), I posted that SC Coffee, my favorite place to get cinnamon rolls, had closed. Well, this last weekend, the new Tosta Coffee opened up, and I stopped by today to get my first roll in months. I'm flying on a bit of a sugar high, and loving it.

SC Coffee was located in Freighthouse square, and closed last July. The new owners of Tosta have renovated it, and it looks fantastic. They've got a lounge, wifi access, and cinnamon rolls. They are also roasting their own coffee beans there, so it could become a very spiffy place to go to get a good cup of coffee. The attitude is very upbeat, which I like. And they aren't just planning on serving coffee, they've got some events planned, like a small guitar concert this Saturday, and making gingerbread men.

Very awesome stuff.