Last night, I got the chance to see an advance screening of The Brothers Solomon after winning some tickets at another show. Actually, I didn't win the tickets, but I was with the person that did, so I got to go.

Much like the title, the movie was very awkward. The basic plot is that two brothers, Dean and John, lose their mother very early on in life. They them move up to the north pole and due to seclusion, fail to develop any kind of normal social skills. Then their dad goes into a coma. They find out from the doctor that his only regret was that he never got a grandkid, so Dean and John set out on a quest to make a baby. Kinda like the Blues Brothers, except without the music.

There were some parts of the movie that were utterly inexplicable, such as Dean and John's finances. In one scene, they are disputing a late charge on a movie, and later they are paying multiple thousands of dollars to a surrogate mother. Most of the humor of the movie comes from the hilariously awkward behaviors Dean and John share. If they were real people, it would be sad and painful. In a movie, it's funny especially considering their ending giddyness. The kind of giddyness that makes you want to punch them in the face. All in all, it was a good time out.

My verdict: Wait to rent/Netflix