Something I found very interesting on the internets:

According to the book, Speaking Skills for Prospective Teachers, the stages in a relationship are: 1) coming together, 2) staying together, and 3) moving apart. Coming together is a 5-step process: 1) initiating contact; 2) discovery of common interests; 3) intensifying our interest and involvement; 4) integrating this person into our life’s activities; 5) bonding or committing to the relationship (usually leading to marriage if the interest in the relationship is sexual). Staying together is described as a long-term situation that requires effort from both partners to keep the relationship going. There are nine characteristics that long-term relationships often have, none of which are always present to the same degree: 1) amusement (making the relationship fun and enjoyable); 2) affection (pleasure in being together); 3) commitment equity (equal dedication to the relationship); 4) fidelity equity (faithfulness to each other); 5) contracting (fulfilling any agreements made to each other); 6) twosome (relying on each other as partners); 7) recognition (publicly making others aware of your commitment to each other); 8) frankness (revealing your inner self to each other); and 9) averaging (good and bad times should average out). It is possible for a relationship to come apart at almost any stage. Under normal conditions, relationships come apart in five steps: 1) differentiating (disagreements and differences become the focus of attention); 2) circumscribing (talk diminishes, with less revealing of self and fewer commitments to each other); 3) stagnation (relationship loses its life and partners move apart physically); 4) avoiding (partners stop seeing each other); and 5) termination (the relationship is over).