I've decided to start a series of photography which will most likely involve a new photo every day. To inaugurate this series, here's the first picture I took with my current camera. The picture is not very good at all, and it lacks any discernible subject, but I want to post it as a start to the series. My current camera is a Panasonic Lumix (FZ10), and it only captures images at 4mp. However, that size contains enough data to print decent prints even at 11x14. The main draw of the camera, and what sets it apart from every single other camera out there is that is has a Leica lens with a focal range from 28mm to 420mm at f/2.8. That's right, 420mm at f/2.8. Similar lenses for Canon or Nikon DSLRs would cost well above $1,000. Even the modern Lumixes (Lumixs?) don't have the same aperture, they only go up to f/3.5 or f/4 at their maximum focal length. The only real drawback of the lens, as I see it, is that it only goes down to f/8. I'd love to be able to shoot at f/16 or f/32 for long long night shots, but I'll trade f/16 for f/2.8 any day.

Anyhoo, this image was taken out the window of my room at college during fall of my junior year. It's not very interesting, so I'm not going to say more.