Breast cancer is the #2 leading cause of cancer deaths in women. (Lung cancer is #1)

Other stats about breast cancer (Source:

  1. Women have a 13% chance of developing invasive breast cancer sometime in their life
  2. The death rate for breast cancer is about 1 in 33, or 3%
  3. About 2,000 cases of breast cancer will be detected in men in 2007
  4. At any given time, there's about 2 million breast cancer survivors in the US.
  5. The death rate for breast cancer is declining.

So for October, my site will be pink in honor of all the survivors of breast cancer, in memory of all those that have died from it, in support of all those affected by it, and as a notice for everyone else. (You can still switch to the other styles if you really want to)

If you still see white, change to pink. There's also the black one.