Greetings City Council Members,

My name is Dave, and I have lived in Tacoma for my entire life. I grew up in the Proctor District, and went to college at PLU while living at home. However, today I am writing as a concerned citizen about the blight on Tacoma that Clear Channel's billboards represent.

I firmly believe that Clear Channel's billboards are a problem in Tacoma, and that Clear Channel should be made to follow the law requiring the billboards to be removed. As has been pointed out quite eloquently and in great detail on Kevin Freitas' website, there are a number of legal, political, and aesthetic reasons that the billboards should be removed. I stand by all of those reasons, but I would like to introduce another reason into the conversation: Pride.

After I graduated from PLU, I chose to stay in Tacoma to live and work. I did this not because it had the best job opportunities for me, nor because of the local arts scene, nor even because I wanted to stay close to the people here, but because of pride. I like living in Tacoma, and I will defend Tacoma against anyone who says that Tacoma is not a good city to live in. I find Tacoma's charm quite appealing, much more so than Seattle or other large cities.

Tacoma is a very unique and diverse city, and that makes it special. It has an exceptional mix of activities, and I am constantly surprised by what I can find in Tacoma. While living here, I've seen many changes come to our city. I think that removing the illegal billboards in Tacoma would be a great step forward, and would help all the citizens of Tacoma take pride in their city. I don't know about everyone else, but I would also be proud of my City Council for standing up to Clear Channel, and helping to enhance our City's image.

I encourage you to enforce and uphold the law passed 10 years ago, and make this city a place we can all be proud of.

Thank you,


This text is slightly edited from the original sent to the Council. I've simply removed some details about me.