I've been researching OpenID for a little while, and yesterday I came across a single server installation. Tempted by the allure of owning my own OpenID provider, I quickly went out, registered a new domain, and installed the server. Happy day, I now have my own OpenID server. Then I set out to meticulously change my current OID accounts to my new url. This went along quite nicely until I came to IconBuffet. When I tried to hook up my new OpenID to my account, it just didn't work. No error messages, no warnings, nothing except the login page over and over again. I wasn't terrible surprised that it didn't give me useful error messages, OpenID on IconBuffet hasn't ever done that. The only indication you get of logging in, is that you see your account link on the main page.

So I sent off an email to the site admins, something along the lines of "I want to change my OpenID url, but it's not letting me. What gives?" This morning I got a response: "Right now, the OpenID support is only for new accounts. We hope to add more options in the future. Thanks for being part of the 'Buffet!"

Translation: We don't support OpenID on existing accounts. You're SOL. We might get around to adding support or functionality in the future, but don't bet on it. And the thank you sentence seems like mockery to me. If you really want to thank me, let me change my damn URL. Otherwise, you're just annoying me.

EDIT Feb 14: They just sent me an email saying that they'd updated my url. Happy day!