My first go with Symphony was to change the semi-annoying "Tumblelog" to a more interesting "Ephemera" section. You would think this would be easy, and if I just wanted to change the display name of the section, it would have been. However, I'm a detail-oriented person, and having all the titles in the backend saying "Tumblelog" would have bothered me.

It turns out that there's many more things to consider than just going to Structure > Sections and changing the title of the Tumblelog. Nope, once that's done, you have to go to Controllers and change the Tumblelog controller name, and then save it. Then, you have to edit it AGAIN and select the Ephemera source, because Tumblelog doesn't exist anymore. Then make sure to select the log-entry field from the included elements section, and save.

Now, you have to go over to the Components section and change all the instances of "Tumblelog" to "Ephemera". And make sure the right data source is selected.

THEN, you have to go to the Pages section, open up the Configuration panel, and select the Ephemera Data Source XML. And finally, change the tumblelog text in the XSL to ephemera, and hope it works. I'm pretty sure I misssed something though.