Last Friday, I noticed on FeedTacoma that the Tacoma Beer Society was having a shindig downtown at Paddy Coyne's for Saturday. Given that I had not been to Paddy Coyne's or anything by the TBS, but I wanted to do both, I decided to show up and see what it was all about. I'm a little hazy on all the details, because it was a Beer Society event, but the night went something like this: Show up, drink, eat a little, talk to people, drink some more, and then drink.

Niki Sullivan from the Tribune even showed up and interviewed my friends and I. Turns out that we know some of the same people. She was nice, and asked a lot of questions. I hope I was able to answer them at least semi-eloquently for the state I was in at that point. Then one of my friends suggested that I ask for Niki's number. And she (my friend) wasn't even the one doing the drinking. Proof that beer (or lack thereof) does not make you suave (or lack thereof).

I talked to Melissa and Steph for a bit also. They are the founders of the Beer Society, and both hilarious people to talk to. I think one of them promised to hook me up with tickets to the Derby Dames bout, but I can't be certain. After the beer-ening, we went back to my apartment and played with my Wii. Even plastered I can still play Tennis, but it's pretty difficult.

In the end, I was extremely happy to get out and drink a little with good people. I'll be going to more Beer Society meetups, that's for sure. I may not drink as much next time though; my hangover the next day was bloody wicked.