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Buy Me a Drink

A traditional way of saying thank you to someone for a job well done is to buy them a drink. If I've done something, either on this site or elsewhere, that you have found particularly helpful, buying a drink for me would be very much appreciated.

What to do:

Click on the drink below that you would like to buy. That will open Paypal, which you can use to send me funds to buy a drink. A pint of beer usually costs $4.50, a glass of wine $7.00, and soft drinks are about $1.00. And I promise that if you send me money for a drink, it will be used to buy that drink.

Thanks to these people

Courtney bought a Brutal Bitter which was enjoyed at the Rogue Public House in Astoria

Adrienne bought a Dragonstooth Stout which was enjoyed at the Elysian Brewery

Anonymous bought a Slipknot Cask Ale which was enjoyed at The Parkway

Charles K bought a Guinness which was enjoyed at Doyle's