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About Me


Dave's the kind of person you call when everything goes wrong. He gets it fixed. —N

I'm not normally this happy; just when I'm around you. —S

He's so nice! —Christoper Moore (the author)

I'm a typography and grammar fanatic, mostly due to being a letterpress printer. Who knew that letters could be so cool? Last year, I also began to work on welding and metal casting.

My main trade, outside of web development, is photography. You can see examples of my favorite pictures on this site.

Some places I want to go before I die

  1. The World Cup 2010 in South Africa
  2. Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice
  3. Antarctica
  4. London
  5. Sturgis
  6. Paris
  7. China
  8. Tibet
  9. Burning Man
  10. Japan
  11. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  12. Spain
  13. La Tomatina


A colophon is traditionally included in printed works, and usually gives attributions to the press where the work was made, the typeface used to create the work, and other relevant information about the work.

Zastica is set in 16px Palatino using the Symphony publishing system. This site was crafted using no blood, sweat, or tears whatsoever—it's digital. However, much frustration and swearing has gone into every XSL template.

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